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The Facility

Body by Lee

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Free Weights

Our Free Weight Room is co-ed. 

Most everything is brand new in this room. 


It includes: Half Rack w/ Bench, Squat Rack, Rogue DB Racks, Dumbbells 3-90 pounds, 2 Utility Benches, Leg Press, Calve Raise, Preacher Curl, 4 Hammer Strength Machines (Lat Pull, Decline, Incline, Shoulder), Rogue Boxes, Legend Smith Machine, Bands, TRX Cables, Bars, New Bumper Plates, & New Grip Plates. 

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Women's Facility

Body by Lee presents our women's only section.  We are the ONLY facility in the area that has a separate area just for women.


It includes: Cable Cross Over, Biceps Curl Machine, Chest Press Machine, Roman Chair, Sit-up Bench, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Outer Thigh, Inner Thigh, Oblique Flexor, Shoulder Press, Lat Pull Down, Dumbbell Rack, Dumbbells 3-30, 2 Utility Benches, Curl Bar, Plates, Bands, & TRX Cables. 

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Machine Weights

Body by Lee presents our Machine Weight Room.  This room is coed with plenty of natural light. 


It includes: A New Cable Cross Over, Leg Press, Calve Raise, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Lat Pull Down, Shoulder Press, Fly Machine, Reverse Fly Machine, Chest Press, Seated Row, Inversion Table, Back Machine, Free Motion Biceps, Triceps Machine, Oblique Flexor, Abs Coaster, Sit-up Bench, Precor Abs Raise, & Rogue Boxes

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Body by Lee presents the Cardio Room.  This room is coed with plenty of natural light. 


It includes: 8 Treadmills, 1 Stepper, 2 Bikes, 2 Arc Trainers, New Concepts 2 Rower, & 4 New RoKu TV's. (Coming Soon - A brand new bike & stepper) 

Fit Studios

We have classes in 2 different fitness studios.  When classes are not present, you can use these studios for your personal workout.  Plug in your own music and enjoy your very own private workout.

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The Rejavasun 34 Tanning Bed is one of a kind.  You can add un-limited tanning to any membership.  Tanning can be added as low as $5.00 per month.  The tanning bed is available during front desk hours.  Tanning is free with any paid in full membership. We also tanning lotions available in our vending machine.   

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Body by Lee presents our Pro Shop/Vending.  We are the ONLY facility in the area that has 24/7 vending.  You can find everything from the best tasting protein powers, pre-workout powders, to protein bars, and ready to drink protein drinks.  If we don't have it, we can get it - next day.      

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Insurance Programs

Body by Lee has 3 insurance plans that will actually pay for your membership.  We have Silver Sneakers, United Healthcare, Silver&Fit, & Walton Life.  There is a one-time $5.00 membership card fee.  It's a simple application that takes us 5 minutes to fill our for you.  Tanning & The 8 Week Challenges are not included with these insurance plans. Reach out to us today to see if your insurance covers your membership.  

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