Virtual Personal Training


How It Works

  1.  Sign Up For The Virtual Personal Training.

  2. We will do a phone consult to assess your goals. 

  3. I'll create custom macros for your diet.

  4.  Download my fitness pal, & I'll customize it too

  5. We will do a series of nutritional modifications to trick your body to dropping more body fat.

  6. I'll give you my custom fitness app that will do the following:​​​​

  •  Syncs with Fitbit, Myfitness Pal, Apple Watch & Galaxy Watch.

  • Tracks your sleep, meals, calories, macros, sets, reps, weight, progress pics, caloric burn & more.

  • Takes you through my fat burning workouts with custom video 'how-to' explanations.

  • Allows you to direct message or video me (through the app) for any assistance 24/7.

  • Lastly, it allows you to access your grocery list and approved foods list anytime with 1 click. 

Inbox for more info

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